The Orgin

Thanks for joining us at Cheese Steak Sports.

To give you guys some background on Cheesesteak Sports, it first started on a rainy boring day in March of 2012 with Dan’s Rockin’ Sports Show ft. McRench

We started making videos every week after the 1st show because we had such a great time talking about sports together. But, Freshman year of college Dan & I both got a little tied up with adjusting to the college life that we couldn’t link up to make videos. After Freshman year of college we decided to give a fresh start to the Philadelphia sports scene with Cheese Steak Sports, partly because I was trying to distance myself from McRench (Trying to be so bad at rapping that it is entertaining.) 

Then we started up the original where all content can be found right here. As you can tell we stopped halfway through the Eagles season because lack of time to make any content.

My vision for this website is to bring the readers & listener information on the Eagles, Sixers, Phillies. Yeah, unfortunately no Flyers click here for the explanation. I also want to link up another adventure I started with my friend Big Joe. We are searching for the best true Philadelphia Cheesesteak. Joe & I have visited over 20 different steak spots in Philly so far accumulating 18 episode & counting on YouTube.

I want to leave you with 2 things



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